Twitter to Roam Integration

The Twitter integration allows users to import all their tweets pertaining to a particular page. So, if you've tweeted about books a lot on twitter, you can head over to the books page on roam, and then pull all your tweets about books! One caveat is that this can only pull tweets made in the last 7 days.

The name of the script is twitter


The script supports the following configuration attributes, to be added in the [[roam/js/twitter]] page:

  • Username - (Required) This is your twitter handle.

Here's an example configuration page:

In any page, create a Twitter References button by typing in {{twitter references}} (case-insensitive) in a block. Upon clicking the button, the extension will clear the button and fill the page in with the tweets where you've mentioned that page title


Insert this as a child of any [[roam/js]] block to install the extension.

var old = document.getElementById("twitter");
if (old) {

var s = document.createElement("script");
s.src = ""; = "twitter";
s.async = false;
s.type = "text/javascript";