Image Tagging

The Image Tagging extension extracts the text from an image and outputs it into Roam!


The script supports the following configuration attributes, to be added in the [[roam/js/image-tagging]] page:

  • Trigger - (Optional) The action to do on an image to extract a text. Valid values include DOUBLE CLICK, SHIFT CLICK, and ICON CLICK. By default, it uses DOUBLE CLICK.

Double click on an image in your database. The extension will use an OCR library to extract all the text found in an image. In the meantime, it will insert a "Loading..." text as a child block. Once the extension finishes, it will replace the Loading text with all the new text it parsed from the image.

If the text begins with a bullet or dash on a line, the bullet will be stripped, leaving the rest of the text content.


Insert this as a child of any [[roam/js]] block to install the extension.

var old = document.getElementById("image-tagging");
if (old) {

var s = document.createElement("script");
s.src = ""; = "image-tagging";
s.async = false;
s.type = "text/javascript";